08/8/15 10:20 AM

Udhampur Terrorist Navid Belongs to Pakistan; Address Found

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Pakistan government has been denying that Udhampur terrorist Navid belongs to the country.In this scenario, a national media channel fetched many details about the terrorist. The channel staff also risked clicking photo of Navid’s house in Pakistan.


udhampur terroris-faisalabad-ground-report-naved_650x400_41438957512


Navid’s family resides in Faisalabad of Pakistan. In the end of 3rd street, Rafeeq colony of Gulam Mohammed Abdin area, Naved’s family stays. Their street is extremely silent. Mohammed Yaqub has four children ie., 3 sons and a daughter. Elder son is a lecturer, second one sells knit items and third is Navid. Navid’s neighbors also confirmed this.

Pakistan government has been arguing that terrorist Navid doesnot belong to their country. Navid’s father who gave an interview in Faisalabad to a news channel confirmed that Navid is his son. If we disclose any details, Lashkar-2-Toiba and Pakistan militants will kill us, he told the media. We have to wait to see how Pakistan government reacts to the facts that have been revealed about terrorist Navid.

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