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Uttama Villain Review: 2 Movies On 1 Ticket



Uttama Villain, the most awaited flick of Kamal Haasan has finally been released after lonfg delay. Kamal Haasan is the pide of film industry. The common point in any movie review of Kamal Haasan: ‘Kamal’s action is fantastic’. In India, there might be four other versatile actors in India like Kamal Haasan. Are acting skills sufficient for a movie to be a superhit? Story, screenplay, dialogues, songs… everything should be impressive. Let us have a look at these aspects in Uttama Villain.


Manoranjan (Kamal) is a superstar. A film producer Purnachandra Rao (K. Vishwanath) nurtures Manoranjan who was an orphan and moulds him into an actor. Because of Purnachandra Rao’s selfishness, Manoranjan leaves a girl who he falls in love with and who is carrying his child. MManoranjan marries Purnachandra Rao’s daughter (Urvasi). During the start of Mano’s career, a director named Margadarsi (Bala Chander) directs great movies with him. Later on, due to father-in-law’s pressure, Mano involves totally in commercial films. Then Mano comes to know about his brain tumor and doctors tell about the short life span he has. Mano wishes to do one last good movie with his master before his life ends. He even makes up a story. The master and the student initiate a comedy entertainer under the name ‘Uttama Villain’. Mano fulfilling his wish of a good movie and he meeting his daughter that his former girlfriend gave birth to… these aspects make up the story.


Both the strength and weakness of the film is screenplay for Uttama Villain. Shooting for Uttama Villain on one side and gathering all his family members and revealing about his story on the other side, both tracks run simultaneously. The film shot by Manoranjan is a classical one. The story will be narrated in the form of Malayali Theyyam. Both the stories are parallelly shown without confusion in audience. As the story is very revealing; comedy amidst sentiment gives a feel of watching a comedy movie and a sentimental film at once. It is a different experience by the end of the movie.

Plus Points

Kamal Haasan’s action, Kamal Haasan’s action and Kamal Haasan’s action…The same thing is wantedly repeated by us. Kamal Haasan’s action is the major plus point for the film. It is a contemporary story. 2 songs are good to listen. Nassar, Bala Chander fitted well in their roles. Pooja Kumar and Andrea have also done well.

Minus Points

Lengthy film, comedy not being so impressive, dialogues (especially in the classic story) being complicated, lack of proper songs, story being so revealing, missing nativity. There is nothing much to talk about music, editing and cinematography.

Korada comment

Kamal’s fans can definitely watch Uttama Villain. Other can watch it once if you have got patience. Although hero Kamal and director Ramesh Aravind have shown us 2 movies for 1 ticket, it would have been good if one movie is moulded and shown in a much better way.

Let us have a look at the ECG review report of Uttama Villain. Rating is provided in ECG process by considering the movie in intervals of 5 minutes. Score will be allotted based on response of audiences every 5 min; whether they are excited, bored, applauding, impressed or irritated in that interval of time.




Overall Rating: 2.5/5.0

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