06/8/15 8:22 AM

Venkaiah Naidu 460 Govt Bungalows Vacated in Delhi

There are many government bungalows in Delhi, which are generally allotted to central ministers, MPs and former PMs. The central ministers and MPs can reside in these bungalows till they are in power. Once their period is over, those bungalows will be allocated to other leaders after they vacate them. Those politicians who have self-respect and dignity do vacate those bungalows after their term but others who lack ethics shamelessly stay even when they are supposed to leave the houses. They do not vacate even after the government repeatedly sends notices. It is a Herculean task for the officials of Urban Development sector to deal with this kind of politicians. These bungalows are generally called the Lutyens bungalows of which those belonging to Type-8 are almost like palaces. Once allotted, people do not feel like vacating them.




About 460 political persons without power troubled the central government without leaving the bungalows. While letters were sent to them all to shift their residences, only 44 members responded. So, with central minister Venkaiah Naidu’s involvement, notices were sent to all the VIPs stating that they have  to vacate the government bungalows, failing which their belongings will be thrown out of the bungalows, locking the place. Even then, only 37 of them responded. Aggressed Venkaiah Naidu ordered that their belongings be thrown out and the bungalows be locked. When the same was implemented, those angry VIPs moved to other houses. Among them were the sons of two former PMs and Lalu, who is famous in the country for Fodder Scam. Making 460 bungalows vacated in Delhi is a record. Venkaiah who achieved the record is appreciated by other leaders but the VIPs are angry with him.




Note: Venkaiah who now made the VIPs vacate the bungalows had in 2004 stayed in type 8 bungalow for 10 years. In the bungalow that he was allotted when he was in power during Vajpayee’s term, Venkaiah stayed for 10 years after losing power.



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