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Vijayawada Kanaka Durga Temple Controversy

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We are all aware of the controversy at Kanaka Durga temple in Vijaywada. It is known that the government changed E.O due to differences between former E.O and priests. What actually happened at the temple?

The staff at Vijayawada Kanaka Durga temple are said to be money-minded. The offerings given to priests are much more than those made to the goddess. Earlier, the priests and staff were paid low salary. So, these offerings could be regarded as another source of income for them. When 43% fitment was declared to government employees, the salaries of priests also went high. Seniors are paid nearly Rs.60,000 per month by government. So, former E.O Narasingha Rao asked priests not to accept any offerings from devotees and in case there are any offerings in the Harathi plate, he asked them to put them all in the hundi. Some priests were infuriated with the decision. Also there are allegations that some are making their work done by appointing some others. The staff is monitoring their other businesses by appointing private workers by paying 10 to 15 thousand to them to fulfil their tasks. The former E.O considered this as a serious issue. Also it was said that some Christian staff members are propagating Christianity at the Durga temple. The E.O suspended one such person.

As the E.O was strict in issues like offerings, spreading of another religion at the temple, staff and priests have been angry with him. Recently, a priest named Mangalampalli Subba Rao has gone into coma because of high BP. While the E.O ‘s circle says that he had not been well and that was why coma occurred, priests argue that it is due to harassment by E.O. While the priests called for strike, all sevas except darshan of the Goddess were halted. As a result, the government got into action. It appointed Endowments Department head Azad as E.O. Critics say that E.O Narasingha Rao has to face transfer for set things right at Kanaka Durga temple.

Note – There are allegations of corruption on E.O Narasingha Rao who tried to eradicate such doings at the temple.



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