05/29/15 10:52 AM

Vijayawada’s Newly Married Sowjanya Death Suspicions


Suspicions have arisen in death of Vijayawada’s newly married Sowjanya. Earlier it was believed that the woman committed suicide. Police have custodised the CCTV footage that captured Sowjanya going down in air. Suspicions arose on whether she committed suicide or someone pushed her from behind. Police have started investigating in the new angle.




Sowjanya is the second daughter of Senior Section Engineer Venkateswara Rao, residing in Lotus Land Park apartments of Ayodhyanagar, Vijayawada. She got married to a software engineer named Dileep whose native is Krishnalanka on 20th may. The couple began their new family in Hyderabad. They went on a pilgrim tour for one week. Sowjanya on 27th may was found dead in Lotus Land Park apartments after falling down from the 5th floor. Her parents were in Tenali during the time to attend a wedding.

CCTV footage shows Sowjanya going to 8th block in the community, after which there were footages of she reaching the 5th floor and falling down from there. The recorded footages alerted police and they are investigation deep into the case to know the facts.


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