12/19/15 12:58 PM

Vintage Car Sold for Rs.185cr

ferrari 290 mm auction

Many are crazy about cars. Vintage cars have got great demand. Some people pay any amount amounts to own vintage cars. A 1956 model vintage car was bought by a man for as much as $28 million ie., Rs.185 crores. Surprising, isn’t it? An auction has taken place under the name Driven by Disruption 2015 in New York, America. A 1956 model Ferrari 290MM sports car was auctioned. The person who won the bid bought it for $28 million. The Ferrari 290 MM was a race car produced by Ferrari in 1956. It was developed to compete in the 1956 edition of Mille Miglia (MM). This car, 290 MM led by Juan Manuel Fangio, arrived fourth on 1956 Mille Miglia.



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