04/25/15 8:14 AM

‘Virginity’ Fears! Girls Running Race Banned in Islamic College

Superstitious beliefs have always found place in this computerized world. One such instinct came into light in a college in Australia. He is not an illiterate. He is the one who has to educate children and guide them in the right path. But what did he do? Going into detail…

Running race for girls has been banned in Al-Taqwa college of Truganini, in the suburbs of Melbourne, Australia. Principal of the Islamic college committed to the shameless act as he believes that girls will lose virginity due to excessive running. Former teacher of Al-Taqwa claimed to the Victorian Registration and Qualifications Authority that principal Omar Hallak was discriminating against female students. He reported that the principal is trying to impose his superstitious beliefs on females.

As the allegations were investigated by authority officials, the Pricipal reportedly told them that ‘he banned girls from running amid fear that it would cause them to lose their virginity which will untimately cause infertility’. A case was filed against the superstitious principal and the ban has been banned.

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