02/26/16 11:37 AM

Vishal upset with Lingusamy


In 2005, Vishal and Director Linguswamy delivered a smash hit Pandem Kodi which surprised one and all. And after almost ten years, both have shown interest in its sequel with the title Pandem Kodi 2. The makers have started pre-production work as well but latest news is that the film is not happening at all. Vishal is showing the interest in the project but Lingusamy is not. When everyone thought the project will go on floors with in few weeks, Vishal declared that the film isn’t happening. He took to twitter to express his displeasure: ‘Sad to see certain Filmmakers lacking commitment towards Projects. Guess actors should stick to acting and Directors to directing. Sandakozhi 2 cancelled’. Also Vishal reveals, “As the producer of the film, I have invested money in the pre-production work. I have also paid advance money to Lingusamy. I wanted to sort out this financial loss amicably, but that didn’t work out, and so, I have now lodged a complaint against him in the producers’ council”. There is strong buzz that Lingusamy is keen to direct a Telugu-Tamil bilingual starring Allu Arjun in lead role soon.



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