08/6/15 7:05 AM

VK Singh: Police Verification Not Required for Reissue of Passport




For reissue of passport, police verification is not required, provided the first passport has been issued only after thorough verification and clear police report, wrote VK Singh, Minister of State for External Affairs to Lok Sabha. The decision has been made after witnessing applicants facing delay due to mandatory police verification of passport at the time of re-issuance. As per existing provisions, minors, government servants and senior citizens (65 years and above) are exempted from police verification subject to certain conditions, V.K Singh said.




The minister said that applications for Tatkaal passports are coming down due to improvement in  passport delivery services. However, he also said that Tatkaal system for passports will not be discontinued as it serves the needs of urgent travellers and there is no such proposal. The Home Ministry is working on a country-wide online police verification project for passports that will cut down the time required for issuing the travel document from a month, at present, to just a week. The project is likely to be launched from Bengaluru in November.




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