07/10/15 9:59 AM

VV Vinayak Direction – Chandrababu Action


Director VV Vinayak was handed over the responsibility of making a promotional video of Godavari pushkaras by government of Andhra Pradesh. Vinayak is all busy with the video for which music is being composed by SS Thaman. In order to get more awareness about Godavari pushkaras that the AP government is prestigiously organizing, VV Vinayak is putting in efforts in making the promotional song. The greatness of Godavari, importance of pushkarams, programs organized by government, the beauty of Konaseema etc will be shown in the promotional video.




Important news is that AP CM Chandrababu Naidu will shoot for the song. Along with the CM, some prominent people of telugu film industry are also taking part in the shoot, which the TDP feels will hype the promotional video song. IN past, any ads or videos related to TDP were assigned to director Raghavendra Rao only. Surprisingly, this time, the responsibility was put on shoulders of VV Vinayak and  this is the current hot topic of TFI.


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