12/3/15 5:07 PM

VV Vinayak Fed Up With Nithin


vv vinayak nithin


The producers of AKHIL have remuneration pending to be paid to director VV Vinayak. As per the initial agreement, the producers have accepted to give 12 crores as remuneration to the director and they also paid an advance of Rs.8 crores. They promised to settle the balance amount of 4 crores post release of the film. Since their film turned out to be a flop and lost collections from second day of release itself, it turned a big problem for the film makers. From the Rs.8 crores he received, Vinayak compensated the losses incurred by a few distributors by paying Rs.3 crores to the. He wants to pay additional Rs.2 crore from the Rs.4 crores he will be receiving from producers of Akhil. In this scenario, it is found that the producers have to compensate losses incurred by distributors of Akhil movie with an amount equal to Rs.20 crores, which is a huge amount and they are left with nothing at the moment. Vinayak, who is tired of asking for his pending remuneration, has directed distributors to Nithin’s office to seek balance amount.



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