07/16/15 10:09 AM

Wanted: A Person to Hang Yaqub Memon


The Maharashtra government is searching for a person who could hang a criminal. There is central jail in Yerwada, Pune. But there is no force to execute this punishment in the jail. So, the Maharashtra Home Ministry is trying to find someone to do it.




The person to be hanged is 1993 Mumbai blasts accused, Yaqub Memon who assisted involved in the blasts. While 250 people lost their lives in the blasts, it took 22 years for our magistrates and investigation agencies to deliver this verdict. Has the investigation concluded? Not yet! There is chance of Supreme Court hearing the mercy petition of Yaqub Memon on 21st july. The SC earlier struck off the petition filed by Yaqub in past. He filed a fresh petition now, which the Maharashtra government believes will be struck off by the SC once again. So, the Government is now in search of staff to hang the accused. Since there are not many death sentences imposed now-a-days, there is no intake for the post. 26/11 Mumbai attacks terrorist was hanged by a retired staff person who was called to execute the punishment. Authorities are thinking whether they should call the person be called once again or they should get a member from Madhya Pradesh?



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