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What Benefits will Singapore Derive from Building Amaravathi?


Media has been publishing that Singapore is showing keen interest in building  AP state capital city Amaravthi. News that around Rs.70 thousand crore will be invested by Singapore government and companies in Amaravathi. Singapore minister Eeswaran has already submitted the blue print of AP state capital. Why is Singapore very interested in building Amaravathi? Why is Singapore minister Eeswaran visiting Amaravathi often like an Andhra minister? How is Singapore liked to Amaravathi?




It is known that Tullur lies between Vijayawada and Guntur regions. The government has acquired around 30 thousand acres of land in this area. Let us suppose it is 28 thousand acres for calculation purpose. Of the 28 thousand acres of land, 7 thousand acres will be used for constructing government buildings, 7 thousand acres will be given to farmers as their share, 7 thousand acres will be utilized for roads, drainages, parks and other public utilities. All this accounts to 21 thousand acres. What about the remaining 7 thousand acres of land?

An acre of land now costs more than 1 crore in Tullur. Once capital city is built, it could even reach Rs.5crore. So, the price of 7 thousand acres will be Rs.35thousand crores. Singapore government is taking this land and building Amaravthi in return. It is being said that Rs.70thousand crores is necessary to build capital city but not more than Rs.20thousand crores will be spent during the initial stages. When Rs.20 thousand crores is invested, it will result in price hike of land in the region.  The price of land given away to Singapore will also start increasing. If this land is sold at that time, it will collect Rs.35,000 crores. If the land is used for business purpose, it will collect even more. Singapore government and companies will acquire double the investment that the made.

Will anyone be affected in the process?

Farmers of Capital region:

For the land acquired from farmers, they are being paid only one-fourth of it in return. The land that is now priced at Rs.1crore will cost Rs.5crore later, which means that the price of 1500 yards of land in future will be more than 1 acre of land at present. If the present rate that farmers could get is Rs. 1 crore now, it will be Rs. 1.5 crore in future. Apart from that, government will pay Rs.25,000 per year to them. In no way will the farmers be at loss. If Amaravathi is built as an international city, as said, price of land will increase by 10 times, which will be much beneficial to the farmers.

How will Government Leaders be Benefited?

Government leaders can earn huge amounts during the construction, if they want to. But how?… It is upto the AP state government and Singapore government/companies to decide how much has to be spent over construction of AP state capital. AP government can give 5 thousand acres of land to Singapore government and ask them to build state capital within that range. The remaining 2 thousand acres may be ‘adjusted’. These 2 thousand acres cost Rs.5 crores each, amounting to Rs. 10 thousand crores, which may be a benefit to government leaders. (As of now, we do not know whether they will ‘adjust’ the land or not).

Though Rs.20 thousand crores is spent for building capital, there is no necessity of giving call for tenders as the money belongs to Singapore. Those who are referred by the state government will only be awarded the contracts andsub-contracts.

However, if the government leaders decide to make money from the capital, they could earn as much as 10-20 thousand crore rupees. So, it is a benefit to them.

To Public in the State… Benefit or Loss from Capital?

Without their government having to spend a penny, if the public are getting an international capital city, it is obviously a benefit to them. But, if development takes place only in and around Amaravathi, all other cities will see no advancement. Since the capital city will be built in fields, the only loss to public is that agricultural land will be lost.

Singapore, government leaders, farmers located at capital city, public of AP… nobody is at loss due to construction of Amaravathi. So this is a ‘winning’ solution! Chandrababu is a master brain… What say?



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