03/15/16 11:34 AM

What is Robo 2 Villain ‘s Remuneration?


Do you know how much remuneration Robo 2 villain, Bollywood star Akshay Kumar is paid for the film? It is Rs. 50 lakhs per day! Action king Akshay Kumar is playing villain for the first time and is charging more than the remuneration he usually takes from film makers. It is known that he is going to appear as the villain in Tamil star director Shankar ‘s magnum opus Robo 2. Shankar initially tried to rope in Hollywood star hero Arnold Schwarzenegger to play villain in the film and the star demanded Rs. 100 crores to play the role. But Arnold told the makers of Robo 2 that he could allocate only 20 days for the shoot of Robo 2 and that all scenes involving him must be shot during that period. Shankar asked Arnold to allocate another 15 days of his schedule for the film, which the actor refused. Akshay Kumar allocated 60 days of his schedule to shoot Robo 2. The total remuneration that the Bollywood actor is charging for the film is as much as Rs. 30 crore, which means he is paid Rs. 50 lakh per day. Bollywood circles that initially mocked Akshay ‘s decision of signing Robo 2 are now struck dumb on knowing the remuneration Akshay is paid and also the way the Rajinikanth starrer is progressing.



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