04/19/16 10:58 AM

What is with the Ranking of Ministers Mr. Chandrababu?

AP CM Chandrababu Naidu has assigned ranks to MLAs, party chiefs of wings and ministers. Ranking of MLAs is fine. How ranks are given to the party chiefs is an internal affair of the party. The problem is with the ranks assigned to ministers. The lakhs of rupees of pay, allowances, cars, peons, secretaries, bungalows allotted to ministers are to serve the people and not their parties. If ranking is to be done, the factors like…how many issues each of the ministers solved, how many files they cleared, how many new ideas did they contribute, how about the corruption in their department etc must be taken into consideration. Leaving behind all this, it is ridiculous that ranks are assigned based on the member ‘s contribution to his/her party.

It is pointless that the dissatisfaction expressed on ministers’ behavior by public while conducting survey has not been taken into account and only the service done by ministers to the party are being considered. Will ministers be awarded ranks if they sport the yellow party cloth and sit it the office irrespective of their governance? Isn’t there a necessity for skilled administration? It would be greed to expect them to leave party behind and contribute cent per cent for social service. But it would have been satisfactory to some extent if the ranks are assigned based on service that they had done to the party and also to the public. By not choosing this procedure, Chandrababu has unveiled a bad custom. Babu is making people think about his mental state by doing such kind of things.

TDP ranking:

1.Peetala Sujatha

2.Devineni Uma

3.Prattipati Pulla Rao

4.Ravela Kishore


6.P.Narayana (last rank)

Highlight: In the ranking done based on the contribution to the Telugu Desam party, there are names of BJP ‘s Kamineni and Manikyala Rao!



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