06/8/15 5:50 AM

What will Chandrababu’s Leaked Audio Tapes Do to Him?

Revanth Reddy’s case has undergone an important twist. Audio tapes of Chandrababu Naidu’s conversation with nominated MLA Stephenson have been released to media on Sunday night. In the audio recording, Chandrababu Naidu’s voice said “All commitments given by my people will be done, feel free to make your decision, let us work together”. The audio tape being released during the when one year rule of Chandrababu Naidu was being celebrated has turned a crucial thing. The tape being leaked while speculations were being made about ACB investigating Chandrababu Naidu has added much to the issue. Also the CM’s half-an-hour-meeting with the Governor soon after the release of the audio tapes has gained prominence. The politics in the states that share a common capital have heated up as the Chief Minister of one state targets the CM of the other. Andhra Pradesh State Media Advisor Parakala Prabhakar made clear that the voice in the audio conversation clips released by media is not Chandrababu’s.




In order to consider the audio clips as proofs, reports approved by the forensic experts that the voice belongs to Chandrababu should be submitted to the court. Since the forensic department lies under the Telangana government, it is no tough task for the government to prove it.

In case the stubborn KCR orders, there are chances that Chandrababu will be investigated by officials (He might even be arrested). After noticing KCR’s behavior in Talasani’s issue, it is useless to think that the Telangana CM values law, constitution. Only if Governor uses his power or PM Modi interferes in the matter and settles it, Chandrababu will be relieved.

Andhra police officials who reacted late are now expressing displeasure that their superiors’ phones were tapped. They argue that in a united capital city, police officials of one state tapping phones of officials of other state is against law. However, everything is over already, Chandrababu has also been trapped by KCR. No more wars. Compromise is the only way!



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