03/18/16 3:20 PM

What’s happening between Chandrababu & Roja?


KCR has merged TDP’s parliamentary circle with his party making use of discrete authority of the speaker. Giving TDP one blow after another, KCR brought the party to a stage where it has to give NTR trust bhavan for rent. Soon after speaker approved TDP merger, Revanth Reddy announced that they will approach court regarding the matter. Ten days have already passed but there has been no advance in it. TDP Chief Chandrababu is so calm that nothing has ever happened.

Coming to YS Jagan, there are numerous cases and allegations against him. With the support of some biggies in center, he was able to halt proceedings in the cases. It will soon be two years since Chandrababu came into power. Did the state government order probe in Jagan ‘s case till now? ‘Jagan has looted lakhs of crores of rupees. If all these assets are seized by government, it will help in tax waiver for farmers and also in construction of state capital’…this was what TDP said earlier. But did the party recover atleast a penny from him so far?

If KCR is considered seriously, it will help the party. If Jagan is proved guilty and his assets are recovered, it will help the people of the state. Leaving behind them both, why is AP CM Chandrababu focusing on YCP leader Roja? Why was she suspended against rules? Why are they saying that they won’t allow Roja to enter the assembly even after High Court lifted suspension? In one word, why are they ‘targeting’ Roja? Apart from losing her own dignity with loose talk, what harm is she causing to TDP? Why they are focusing on Roja has remained a question in the heads of many. Has Chandrababu devised plan to outplay YCP by making people believe that Roja is a much greater leader than Jagan? Or is he furious that she made some obscene comments on him?



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