09/10/15 10:43 AM

WhatsApp Security Issue; Millions of Users at Risk


One major concern of the famous instant messaging app WhatsApp right now is the security of its users. A security issue detected on WhatsApp, which is being called an ‘open door’ security flaw put millions of users of the app at risk. Hackers can potentially install malicious software on computers of WhatsApp users. A security firm named Check Point discovered the flaw. Whatsapp has recently announced that it has 900 million users, out of which around 200 million use WhatsApp web interface.




Vulnerability of breach appeared via WhatsApp web. The feature was initially made available on iPhones and later to Android, Blackberry and Windows users also. WhatsApp web gives one the experience of using the app on a web browser and it displays all messages including media files that are sent or received.  An executable code (to trigger malicious software) could be delivered onto the PC using WhatsApp web due to improper filtering via Whatsapp. Just mobile numbers would be sufficient for hackers to initiate the breach. An anti-virus scan would protect PC from such risks. If you have installed WhatsApp Web on your computer, it is better to run the scan ASAP and update the version of WhatsApp Web that has security patch, which ensures security of users. Sources say that the risk was known to WhatsApp on 21st august but came into now. The security patch was added on 27th august.



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