12/21/15 3:03 PM

Where is Hardik Patel?

hardik patel

Hardik Patel.. the person who earned fame overnight in India. The young manwho terrified BJP and created sensation in the country through his protests. Where is Hardik Patel? Why is he not audible or visible anywhere? Background, genius, money, beauty etc..A 23-year-old person emerging as a great leader in a short span is not an easy thing. As fast as he became popular, he went out of sight.

The movement initiated by Hardik Patel demanding reservations for Patidar (Patel) caste has slowly transformed into an anti-reservation movement. Hardik turned into a leader to all those who are against reservations. He was able to gather lakhs of people to protest. But a single word pushed Hardik Patel from public to prison. “Do not kill yourselves. Kill 4 policemen if possible” is what he said addressing the increase of suicides for reservations. Surat Police filed a case of rebellion against him. Lower courts dismissed Hardik’s bail petitions. Supreme Court dismissed Hardik patel’s petition pleading to strike down the rebellion case filed against him. So, it can be understood that Hardik patel will not be set free any time in near future.



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