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Which Heroine Suits you best as Wife based on Zodiac Sign?


There are several astrological calculations based on zodiac signs to tell us what kind of people suit us the best as life partner. During the time of weddings, these calculations play major role. There are 12 sun signs of zodiac (same number of moon signs). It is said that each sign is compatible with only some other signs. According to this compatibility….
Note: This is just for fun. Our request is to not stalk or harass heroines based on this article.


If you are born between January 20 and February 18, your sign is Aquarius. People belonging to this sun sign are compatible with people with the sign Taurus. Heroines with the sig Taurus are: Colors Swathi only. People with sign Aquarius can also marry those born under Leo. Tapsi, Hansika are Leo




Birth date: between February 19 and March 20. Those born under Pisces are compatible with Cancerians. Heroine Avika Gor is born under the sign Cancer. Pisces people are also compatible with Saggitarius sign. Tamannaah and Rashi Khanna are Saggitarians.



Birth date: between march 21 and april 19. Aries goes well with Aquarius. Heroines born under Aquarius ae Amy Jackson, Sruthi Haasan. Leo also suits well with Aries and heroines born with this sun sign are Tapsee and Hansika.



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