11/28/15 4:00 PM

Who is Disappointed with Baahubali?




Epic film Baahubali has set many records and took Indian cinema to a new level. We all know the appreciation that the prestigious Telugu film directed by SS Rajamouli has got. Baahubali is the film that has been recognized and appreciated internationally also. The visual effects in Baahubali are of great standards. Graphics played important role in the super success of the film. Baahubali is described as a graphical wonder. But there is one person who is dissatisfied with it. Cameraman of Baahubali, Senthil Kumar said that visual effects in Baahubali have disappointed him. as a DOP, I am disappointed by a lot of things in ‘Baahubali’. There are so many scenes where there were keying mistakes, which made the CGI look fake. There were issues related to the depth of field, there are motion blurs,”  said Senthil when he spoke to a national channel.

Sentthil mentioned that they would not commit the mistakes in Baahubali part-2 aqnd will come up with perfect visual effects in the second part. He said that Baahubali part-2 is going to be much more interesting that Baahubali the Beginning.



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