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Who is right-Chandrababu or Pawan Kalyan?




Amaravati should not become another Hyderabad, that is what Pawan Kalyan said while receiving the invitation. The statement fuelled a debate across the state. Earlier, Loksatta Party suggested that the development should not be concentrated only on Amaravati. JP advised that backward regions like North Andhra and Rayalaseema must be taken care of. More or less JP and Pawan are of the same opinion.

The question that arises now is, ‘Is Babu is really going on wrong track by concentrating heavily on Amaravati?’

Why Amaravati?

There may be some vested interests behind selecting Amaravati as a development hub. But it has many merits. Geographically it is situated in the center of the State. As per Babu’s estimations, Amaravati, Vijayawada, Guntur and Mangalagiri will merge soon to form a great city like Hyderabad.

Is it right to develop the capital as economic hub?

There is an argument that Amaravati should be kept as administrative capital rather than economic hub. This is not correct.

1. International airport, bigger malls, metro rail and BRTS etc are possible only in greater cities. Visakhapatnam is far away from Rayalaseema, and Tirupati is at a long distance from North Andhra. So there is need for a big city in the centre. That is of course, Amaravati.

2. Branding is the key to attracting investments. Branding Amaravati is easier than that of the whole State.

3. A growth engine is utterly needed for the State. Huge amounts were spent on welfare measures in the erstwhile AP, because of the income generated from Hyderabad. Now, a Hyderabad-like city is needed for the new residuary State.

Discontent in other regions

Two types of disatisification could probably arise.

1. Real estate boom around Amaravati, which enables skyrocketing of land price unlike any other part of the State.

2. Most of the opportunities are available for the people in Krishna and Guntur.

What is Babu’s mistake?

The hype on Amaravati, and statements assuring huge investments and industries around the capital is not a good idea. The city should be confined to administration, tourism and IT.

What should Babu do now?

Quota for every district should be implemented in employment generation. The quota should be given as per the population of the district. May be it is a State level recruitment, the proportions should be maintained.

The preference and priority should be followed while promoting industries. IT and IT enabled industries should be encouraged in Krishna and Guntur district while Pharama and manufacture sectors be given priority in North Andhra as well as Rayalaseema. Food processing industries can be promoted in both Godavari districts. Babu should ensure these two things immediately.

Babu’s strategies look right at this juncture, when the opinions of Pawan and JP are considered. But if he failed in implementing the things discussed above, the opinions of Pawan and JP would stand accurate.

Even Pawan should also come out and tour all district to know what people are thinking and anticipating. He could contribute a lot for the development jointly with Babu. At least he should spare one day in a month for the benefit of the State rather confining himself to Tweets and bytes.



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