03/11/16 5:53 PM

Why are Cine Workers Lauding Pawan Kalyan


Recognition is not easy to gain. The reason for the position of Pawan Kalyan now is his great heart. None could match him. Pawan is really great…great enough to treat everyone equally. These are not our words. They are the words uttered by small artists like light men, junior artists working for Sardaar Gabbar Singh. A huge fan base is possible only when a person is well mannered and is an amazing person. May be it is because of such qualities that Pawan Kalyan reached this position. Wondering what is with this shower of praise on powerstar? Well, there is a strong reason for it. During regular shooting of films, the food served to unit members differs. While small workers are served one type of food, mid-level technicians are served another type and top members like hero, heroine, director, producer etc are served the best food. Though rice, curries are common for all of them, the number of tasty items served will be more as the level goes up. To make it more clear, if you are a director or a cameraman, you will be served non vegetarian dishes along with yummy vegetarian meals daily.

In fact, the partiality is evident in TFI since many years. Though the creative levels of their designation differ, all of them work equally hard to fulfill their job. The hardwork done by small workers like light men and set assistance sometimes is much more than that of any others in the crew. During such times, showing difference when it comes to serving food is not correct. The low level technicians are disappointed with this. But they kept quiet all these days with the fear of losing their jobs.

Powerstar Pawan kalyan who is co-producing Sardaar Gabbar Singh on his own banner has broken this meaningless rule. Technicians of Sardaar are lauding Pawan for going against this procedure. What did Pawan kalyan actually do? He introduced a new system since the beginning of shoot of Sardaar. Right from himself to the lowest level workers like set boys and light men, powerstar made a decision that the same food should be served to them all. Everyone else is supposed to be served the same food that the hero (himself), producer (Sharrath Maarar) and director (Bobby) are served. The production people have made arrangements so that everyone on set is served veg and nonveg meal. So, Cine workers are lauding Pawan kalyan who made the decision to treat everyone equally when it comes to food.



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