11/17/15 3:30 PM

Special: Why are City Girls More Beautiful?




Why are girls in cities more beautiful than those in villages? Will boys coming from village or small town background be flattered by city girls? How did cities get the beauty that does not exist in villages? We are not saying that there are no beautiful ladies in villages. If 10 out of 100 girls in villages are beautiful, the number is 40 out of 100 when it comes to cities. Why? There are 4 reasons for this.

1st Reason:

Our society has great respect and gives value to employed persons. Whether a girl’s parents are in a village or a city, they desire to get their daughter married to a private or government employee. Girls also wish to get married to employed persons. It is not just employement…if a person wants to grow financially, he has to migrate to city. Thus students, employees, businessmen and others started moving to cities and big towns. Though they resided in towns and cities they looked for alliances with village background since their base is village. Girls’ parents compete to get their daughters married to men employed in cities. It is only beautiful women that won the race. Thus beautiful women got married to employed and business persons and moved to cities. On an average, every beautiful girl in a village found a city groom. Good-looking women gradually migrated to towns and cities. Since mothers are beautiful, their children (most of them) are also born beautiful. Thus the number of beautiful girls and of course boys started increasing in cities.

2nd Reason:

Beauty consciousness is more in cities and towns. Salons, beauty parlors, appliances are easily available here. If one can spend enough amount of money, she/he can look more beautiful.

3rd Reason:

Cities and towns have got exposure to fashion. Latest trends generally pass cities, towns and then to villages. So, urban girls stand first when it comes to fashion.

4th Reason:

Freedom and independent nature are observed more in cities and towns. This increases level of confidence in women, which reflects in their faces.

Situation is changing since past 20 years. Due to impact of Televisions and improved levels of income, youth in villages also started concentrating on beauty. Facial has become very common even in rural areas now.

These are the four reasons that explain why women in cities are more beautiful than those in rural areas.



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