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Why are Indians Obsessed with Fair Skin?

fair skin obsession india

fair skin obsession india


We Indians love fair skin. A fair boy or a girl gains 60% marks without any effort. ‘The girl should be fair’ is the foremost condition by a groom when looking for a marriage alliance. Being fair-skinned is the basic requirement for jobs like receptionist, air hostess etc. Heroines are meant to be fair. If they are not, they will be made to look so using makeup. That is the reason some Mumbai heroines who have got no speciality than white skin are becoming heartthrob of Indian youth. Why are we Indians obsessed about white skin? Why do we want a fair girl? Here is a special story by Korada.com on the same.

Black was Beauty in past

Once upon a time, fairness never meant beauty in our country. People felt that black was a real beauty. Consider our Gods. Lord Sri Ram, Lord Sri Krishna, Lord Sri Maha Vishnu, Lord Shiva…all of them are black. Though Lord Krishna is black, as many as 16,000 gopikas were behind him. Draupadi is referred to as the most beautiful woman during the time of Mahabharata. She was beautiful and that was the reason many kings queued up to marry her. The other name of Draupadi is Krishna, which means dark complexion. This means Draupadi was also black. But she is shown as white-skinned in our serials and movies since public would not be interested to watch a black heroine. If we see idols of any of our Gods in temples, they are black, and not white. If white is really beautiful than black, they might have put up idols made of white stone, isn’t it? Shiridi Sai idols are being made in white since it is the latest trend. One more thing is that our Gods are in black, and devils, in white. Finally, it is clear that the love for white came to India recently and did not exist from ancient times. Then when did love for white skin start in our country?….

Invasion of Muslims

We all know that Muslim kings invaded India and established their kingdoms here. Those Muslim kings and people in their native countries were all fair.  It was only the kings that invaded India, not their queens. These kings married white-skinned women and girls and took them to their palaces. Women who left for kings’ palaces that way turned more beautiful with the luxuries there. As white women became wives of kings, ministers, other higher officials, respect gradually grew for white skin. Thus love for white skin increased with the invasion of Muslim kings. Also there are arguments that Aryas also invaded India from other countries but we are not going into detail in the matter).

Craze for White Women

After rule of Muslims, we Indians went into the rule of Britishers, who are also white. They also showed interest in Indian women who are fair enough. Along with British rulers, several women also came along with them to India. The dressing, makeup, style of these white queens attracted our previous generations. This intensified love for white skin even more in Indians.

Impact of Cinema and Television

Telecast of various cinema and TV programs from North India, where impact of Britishers is more, started in India after attaining independence. They started showing only people with fair skin as heroes and heroines. Even in English films, it is mostly the white people that are shown in lead roles. Black people usually play the villains. Thus, we are used to believing dumbly that beauty is only white. Cosmetology companies, which found the craze for fair complexion in Indians tried to make money through various procedures, which intensified love for white skin even more. Self-confidence, love, job, luxury life…they link everything with white skin. Cosmetology companies try to inculcate, scare and attract public that life is waste if they are not white, in order to sell their products.

Reverse in Western Countries

While Indians are dying to become white using products like Fair & Lovely, and Fair & Handsome, people in Western countries take sun bath etc. for tanning.

Will Craze for White Skin Go Down?

The thought that white alone does not define beauty and, other features in the face and bodies of people with dark or dusky complexion also determine beauty has slowly started in India. Also the idea that physical appearance has nothing to do with being beautiful and it is the character of a human that determines beauty is also growing in the country. It could probably take two generations time for the country to totally get rid of the love for white skin.

A suggestion to youth

If you want to show off to others, choose a white-skinned wife/husband but if you want a real great life ahead, choose a person with good character.



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