12/28/15 2:58 PM

Why are Kashmiri Women Leaving Husbands?


The social issues in Jammu & Kashmir have been making headlines and surprising people in remaining parts of the country. Most people living in Jammu & Kashmir are Muslim. Since conservative Muslim heads are more in number in the state, male domination is observed. Muslim husbands being addicted to alcohol and drugs and harassing their wives is increasing day-by-day. Those women getting ready for divorce, leaving behind their customs is shocking people around the country. During last month, about 40 Kashmiri women divorced their husbands through local Sharia court.

A 27-year-old divorced woman named Rifath told media that her husband came drunk daily and abused her physically. Though she requested him several times not to do so, he paid no attention to her words. So, she said she finally ended up divorcing. Also Rifath said that she had to try very hard to get acceptance from her parents to get divorced. She wonders how people think it is a man’s right to apply for divorce and a woman should not do it. She demanded that women should also have the right to part from their husbands.

Another woman named Shazia who divorced her husband said she had to face criticism in society after divorcing her husband and that none is bothered about her problem. However, Shazia mentioned that those comments from people who are unaware of what actually happened to her do not bother her. She feels she has made the right decision about her life. Nazeer-ul-Islam who is a grand mufti at Sharia court (religious) said that they have approved divorce applied by 40 women and there are many pending.



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