06/8/15 7:20 AM

Why are Those Leaders Visiting Delhi Now?

chandrababu kcr governor


The CMs of two telugu states and the Governor visiting Delhi during the same week is noteworthy. Firstly, Governor Narasimhan and Chandrababu Naidu would be flying separately to Delhi on 9th june. They will stay there for two days. Chandrababu will be inviting the President and PM Modi to attend the Godavari Pushkarams. The CM and some other central ministers will gather for a meeting and on 10th june, he will meet the China team. Governor Narasimhan will be staying in Hastina for two days ie., on 11th and 12th june. Telangana CM KCR on the other hand will visit Hastina on 12th june. The two states have been confronting about cash-for-vote issue. Three prominent persons visiting Delhi in this kind of a situation has turned a hot topic. Political sources say that the three are visiting Hastina to discuss Revanth Reddy’s issue.



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