11/6/15 3:56 PM

Why did Akhil Faint on Sets?




Akhil Akkineni who is busy with promotions of his film AKHIL is excited and at the same time nervous about his debut. The postponement of release of AKHIL has disappointed the young actor but he is expecting the end result to be pretty good. The unit of AKHIL is also busy promoting their film. VV Vinayak, the director of the film is going to interact with print and electronic media soon. He recently gave interviews to a few online portals where he revealed about Akhil fainting on sets while shooting for a song in AKHIL. He called it the determination and commitment shown by Akhil Akkineni who followed his instructions of consuming food while shooting for the song. He fainted on the sets as he was asked to not even sip water. Inorder to maintain his physique and glamour, Akhil tried to be natural, he said. After resting for a while, Akhil rejoined the shoot. Vinayak expressed confidence on Akhil that he will surely meet the expectations of Akkineni fans.



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