07/27/15 10:46 AM

Why did BJP MLA Plead Minister Narayana’s Gunman?


BJP MLA Vishnu Kumar expressed displeasure about AP Municipal Administration Minister P. Narayana as he had to wait 5 days to meet him. Vishnu Kumar Raju commented on Narayana during his speech at Municipal Corporations Workers Meet in Visakhapatnam. “Dear Mr. Narayana, I am an MLA who belongs to BJP. You are not answering my phone calls to you. Then what care would you take about common people? When I give a call to explain problems to you, you don’t take my call, same is the case with your Pas and PSs. Narayana garu, you might be a busy bee, you might have been hooked up with Pushkaralu. But won’t you respond even when you find free time in a day?” Vishnu Kumar questioned.




As Narayana was not responding to him, the BJ MP said that he visited Rajahmundry to meet the Municipal Minister, where he said that he had to face inconvenience to meet Narayana. As none was answering Vishnu Kumar’s calls even then, he said that he dropped in directly at Narayana’s guest house without appointment, where he allegedly was stopped by the minister’s gunmen. Vishnu Kumar said that he being a BJP member had to plead Narayan’s gunmen to  allow him meet the Municipal Minister. Vishnu Kumar criticized Narayana saying that he is a VVVVIP who is much busier than CM Chandrababu Naidu. The BJP MLA said that he will inform Babu about Narayana’s behavior.

Along with ministers on Chandrababu’s side, various MLAs are also off the record intolerant to Minister Narayana’s behavior. In a meeting held recently, Devineni Uma, Prathipati Pulla Rao and other MLAs complained to Chandrababu against Narayana, after which Babu comforted them.



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