03/21/16 10:40 AM

Why did Chiranjeevi get Emotional about Pawan Kalyan?


Megastar Chiranjeevi has delivered a very emotional speech at his brother, powerstar Pawan Kalyan ‘s Sardaar Gabbar Singh audio launch that was held yesterday in Hyderabad. While praising Pawan to the skies, Chiranjeevi took enough time to express his happiness and his speech contained a feeling of content for having won something that he had lost previously. Hearing Chiranjeevi ‘s speech attentively reveals how much love he has for his brother Pawan Kalyan. Megastar might have delivered fantastic speeches many a times but the speech that he gave at Sardaar Gabbar Singh audio launch is very special. Why did Chiranjeevi get very emotional about Pawan Kalyan at the function?

The sadness that Chiranjeevi has experienced since his dearest brother, who grew up to be powerstar Pawan Kalyan because of him, stayed away from him due to political reasons was evident on megastar ‘s face. On listening to his speech, one can notice how much Chiranjeevi was hurt during the last three years when there was news like… Pawan Kalyan was staying away from mega family due to differences, Chiranjeevi was not invited to his functions etc. Time has come to end such kind of rumours. Pawan Kalyan invited his elder brother Chiranjeevi to the shooting location of Sardaar and to the audio launch of the film. Chiranjeevi seemed to be extremely happy about it. Apart from this, his younger daughter Srija ‘s life is also getting remarried. Megastar is on cloud nine.



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