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Why did Eenadu Publish Article Against BJP?

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Popular daily newspaper Eenadu surprisingly published an article against BJP government. Eenadu that is generally with Modi, praising whatever he has been doing since he became the Prime Minister of India has today published an article stating that central government is being unfair to Andhra Pradesh. It made clear in the negative article against center that BJP has done nothing for AP that has been suffering financial crisis since division of state. Eenadu mentioned along with numbers that funds that are meant to be provided to AP are also not being released and it was after Chandrababu visited Delhi 9 times and requested central ministers that funds were partially released.


modi ramoji rao



Another article was published over Modi’s Swacch Bharat. PM Modi on 15th aug, 2014 promised building of toilets in all schools by 15th august this year. Union Minister Smriti Irani announced the fulfillment of this promise and said that they built toilets in all schools. Eenadu revealed the extent of truth in this announcement with picture attached. The article displayed an article that depicts situation of toilets in Chittor district headed by Chandrababu, Visakhapatnam, headed by Ganta Srinivasa Rao and Ayyana Pathrudu and Kurnool district headed by deputy CM of AP. Modi nominated Ramoji Rao as one of the brand ambassadors of Swacch Bharat. Ramoji Rao now criticizing the promise made by Modi is remarkable.


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Political circles are thinking deeply to know the reason behind Eenadu publishing a news article that slightly defames BJP and Modi. They say that the article was written as Italian Congress and Idupulapaya Congress party are fighting for Congress and also as it learnt that people of AP are losing impression that they once had on BJP. If BJP does not concentrate on AP, Congress will gain back its strength. Eenadu’s Ramoji Rao who is totally against Congress is worried about this, they say. So, it is Ramoji Rao’s idea to invoke BJP by publishing such articles. Whatever the reason might be, if Eenadu which is no.1 telugu daily starts publishing more such articles, we can expect some good from the center.



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