08/27/15 7:08 AM

Why did Indrani Mukherjea Kill Sheena? 2 Reasons..


SHEENA  bora INDRANI mukherjea


Two reasons are being heard for why Indrani Mukherjea, 9X Founder and wife of former Star India CEO killed her daughter Sheena Bora. Sheena’s brother Mikhail Bora and boyfriend Rahul Mukherjea complained to police in 2012, one week after she disappeared, after which Indrani confirmed to police that she had gone to the US and missing case was not filed.




Sheena was Indrani’s daughter from her first marriage but Indrani introduced her to the world as her sister. When a team of policemen questioned why Sheena fled to the US, Indrani answered that Rahul was stalking her and that was the reason. Rahul Mukherjea is the son from a previous marriage of Peter Mukherjea, husband of Indrani. Indrani who was not happy with Rahul and Sheena’s dating allegedly killed her at her residence. Her body was left in their garage for 24 hours, after which it was taken to a forest in a suitcase by their driver and burnt. Another reason being heard about the murder is that Sheena Bora and Indrani had a conflict regarding property and money. However, the matters are yet to be disclosed officially.



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