11/7/15 11:25 AM

Why did Nithin Ask Samantha to Shut Up?




Did Nithin ask Samantha to shut up? If so, what is the reason?..Actress Samantha is highly active on social media platforms like Twitter. She interfered in a conversation between Nithin and Akhil Akkineni yesterday. Hero Nithiin asked to shut up Samantha for a comment she made. But the entire conversation went on a funny note since Samantha took it sportively. We knew that Akhil interacted with fans on Twitter as a part of promotions of his debut film AKHIL. Hero, producer Nithin posed a question to Akhil during the session. “hii akhil garuu,how much do u love mee”, for which Akhil said, “Nenu maatallo cheppaleka pothunaanu Nithiin garu”. Samantha who has been watching the conversation silently came in support to Akhil and tweeted to Nithiin… “Nithin if you had this chemistry with me we’ll be making a blockbuster here. Sighhhhhhh”. Nithiin further said, “loll hahahaa..shutup sam,dont play the villain for the bromance!!”. Samantha then wished the both for success and left the conversation. AKHIL has been scheduled for a grand release on 11th November ie., for Diwali. Nithin and Samantha are currently acting in the film A.AA.. being directed by Trivikram Srinivas.





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