04/13/16 5:28 PM

Why did Ram Choose Flop Director?


The great success of the film hero Ram ‘s Nenu Shailaja brought the young hero back into race. He gained confidence of moving forward with successful scripts. Ram has also planned experimental subjects after realizing that he can do much better in his career rather than doing routine and the same formatted commercial entertainers. Ram was overtly battling in mass and action hero field and from which he tried of coming out to attempt some new films. Apparently, Ram’s new movie in Santosh Srinivas direction was launched couple of days ago. When the discussion was quite big on flop director, there is a reason for Ram to accept this film. The director Srinu Vaitla initially approached Ram with a script and we have thought that Ready is combination is readying to thrill us. However, things changed in a few days and Vaitla announced that he will be teaming up with Varun Tej which left Ram with no choice. That is how everything went on and Ram finally accepted his new film.



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