03/11/16 1:40 PM

Why did Telangana Speaker make that Decision?


Sirikonda Madhusudhanachary, the first speaker of Telangana state, has turned the center of controversy by making decision of merging 12 TDP MLAs with TRS. It is being said that while pressure from KCR is one reason for doing so, the admiration he has for NTR is the other reason behind the decision. Going through Madhusudhanachary ‘s past…

Madhusudhanachary has great affection for NTR. With NTR ‘s call, he joined the TDP in 1982 and was elected as MLA for the first time in 1994. After Chandrababu overthrew NTR in 1995, Madhusudhanachary stayed with NTR and supported him. He was a key person in the NTR Telugu Desam set up by Lakshmi Parvathy after the death of NTR. Achary who could not digest the fact that Chandrababu deposed NTR has been enraged at it. It is due to this fury that he joined KCR and took part in the Telangana movement. He has been working with KCR since the TRS was set up. Now that he got an opportunity as a speaker to take revenge on Chandrababu, Madhusudhanachary has decided to give a blow to the TDP leader. He decided to make Babu suffer the pain that NTR had suffered when MLAs who won with his image and name backstabbed him in past, say his associates. Meanwhile, it is said that Chandrababu is totally upset with the status of his party in Telangana state.



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