03/15/16 12:02 PM

Why did Korada.com Write on Pawan Kalyan Assets?


A few have expressed displeasure over the news ‘Pawan Kalyan Total Assets’ published by Korada.com. Some questioned why Korada that backfires on any party when there is a wrong doing is biased when it comes to Pawan Kalyan. Here is our answer to this question…

When it comes to cinema, we provide news about all heroes. Since most readers are fascinated with news regarding star heroes, we publish more of it. The reason behind korada openly stating that Pawan Kalyan cannot be bought with money is… When we want to ridicule someone who is harmful to the party that we support, we accuse a woman as wench and a man as corrupt, which is pitiful. We are hindering the growth of new ideas and discussion on new agendas in the country by implicating who we dislike as unethical. With loose talk like ‘Isn’t he corrupt? Who is he to say something to us’, we are not even listening to what the other person wants to say. We are not even giving a thought to see if the person ‘s ideas have some logic and if they are beneficial to the society or not. This is not a socially good gesture. So, it is not right to denounce certain persons like Pawan Kalyan, Lok Satta JP, B.V.Raghavulu and a few others are corrupt. We might be for or against their ideas. There are a very few honest politicians and Korada.com opines that they should not be blamed of corruption. Thus we perceive their righteousness and question his silence.



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