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Why is BJP Betraying AP? #SpecialStatus


BJP’s argument that special status will not be granted to AP since it was not mentioned in State Reorganization act is ridiculous. This is purely opportunism. Narendra Modi campaigned in AP after approval of the division act. Venkaiah Naidu openly mentioned in his speeches at Bahiranga Sabhas in presence of Modi that special category status will be awarded to Andhra Pradesh for 10 years. If Congress did not include the aspect of special status in division act, can’t the BJP modify the act and include it? Why is BJP not doing so? Is the party atleast fulfilling the aspects mentioned in the state reorganization act?




There is no planning commission. BJP saying that special status is not being awarded since 14th financial commission said so is also not genuine. Finance Commission does not possess the power to decide on special status. Center can decide on it in the absence of planning commission. All reasons being said by the party for not warding special status to AP are untrue.

Three Reasons for BJP Breaking Promises on AP:

1.Bihar has been demanding special status since quite long time. If special status is now awarded to AP, BJP fears it might lose in elections in Bihar.

2.Tamil  Nadu government has been against awarding special status to AP since the very beginning. TN argues that if special status is awarded to AP state, most firms will chose AP to Tamil Nadu. BJP on theother hand desires to associate with Jayalalithaa for 2016 elections. If special status is granted to AP,  Jayalalithaa will be against BJP. This is one more reason.

3.Awarding special status is beneficial to TDP but not BJP. There are no such leaders in BJP to mention the favor done by center to AP and claim it. So, there is no political good done to BJP by awarding special status. Apart from this, BJP also doubts TDP’s association with it during next election. It might contest without support of BJP if special status is awarded. This is another reason for BJP’s stubbornness in the matter.

There are the three main reasons for BJP not awarding special status to Andhra Pradesh.



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