06/4/15 8:52 AM

Why is Chandrababu Silent about Cash-for-Vote?

chandrababu revanth reddy cash for vote


Telangana Deputy CM Kadiyam Srihari said that there is AP CM Chandrababu’s role in cash-for-vote and that is why he is maintaining silence in the matter. Revanth Reddy himself uttered that he committed to bribing the MLA upon instructins given by CM Chandrababu, said Srihari. He said that Chandrababu’s name was clearly recorded thrice in the video when TDP MLA Revanth Reddy spoke to Stephenson. HE questioned why Chandrababu is not breaking the silence in cash-for-vote issue. Kadiyam Srihari said that Chandrababu is not condemning the allegations that he spoke to Stephenson over phone because it was true and he is involved in the bribbery. He fired at Chandrababu saying that his life is filled with bargaining and backstabbing. The deputy CM said that Babu says all morals but does immoral things. He made clear that all details regarding cash-for-vote will soon come out.



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