10/21/15 4:11 PM

Why Should We Watch Kanche?




Kanche is the film starring Varun Tej in lead role under talented director Krish. The film is all set for release for Dasara. Why should we watch the Kanche?

This is the first telugu film that comes with backdrop of World War II. So, we must support Kanche.

Krish is one director who Telugu cinema is proud of. Let us consider Gamyam, Vedam, Krishnam Vande Jagathgurum. Do they look like conventional telugu film? A hero, a villain will become a toy in the hands of hero, irrespective of how big smuggler he is, 5 songs, routine romantic scenes, one or two heroines, an item song, A bakara like Brahmanandam to make villain a bakara.. hundreds of films bear the very same concept. Many such films were super hits as well. But Krish is trying to bring out new concepts for us. Risking his career, director Krish is trying to deliver messages to us through his varied concepts. Learned people like us should watch and support such movies.

Consider hero Varun Tej. He made debut on silver screen through a subject like Mukunda but not any commercial story. Though Mukunda did not produce expected results, he firmly decided to do another film (Kanche) with a different subject for the second time. If second film also fails, we will be losing another ideal hero who would opt for more films like Loafer.

For our telugu cinema to stand in universal market, there should be made more films like Kanche. So, we all must watch Kanche. The mistake that most of us commit is we strongly believe that good films have no market. Though we like Kanche, we comment, ‘Kanche is a nice film but will not be entertained by mass audiences’, ‘Kanche is great but…’. Negative news spreads much faster than positive ones. So, it is our responsibility to see that good films do not get a negative talk. Not just Kanche. Same has to be followed for any good film. So, watch kanche. If you like the film, tell others the same. In case you don’t, don’t tell your opinion to others till you are asked.



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