10/23/15 1:55 PM

Why was That ’One Person’ Not Invited to Amaravathi?




AP CM Chandrababu invited the person responsibe for division of state, Telangana CM KCR at his residence. Though YS Jagan clearly mentioned not to invite him to Amaravathi foundation laying ceremony, ministers gave him invitation card at his residence. Congress President Sonia Gandhi was invited, all congress party leaders including D.Srinivas were invited. Communist parties that opposed land acquisition for state capital were also called to foundation laying ceremony of Amaravathi. But the person who raised his voice infront of assembly for future of the two telugu states was not invited to Amaravathi. Who is that ‘one person’?… Lok Satta JP.

JP was the one and only person who spoke out for benefits of both the states during state division. Tax subsidy to northern Andhra and Rayalaseema, Center bearing revenue  shortage of AP state, establishment of 4,000 mega Watt power project in Telangana etc. being included in state division bill are a result of JP’s determination. The then union minister Jayaram ramesh announced to media that they have taken JP’s proposals into account. JP is the only leader who turned voice of public when Chandrababu was busy with two-eye concept for balanced development and Jagan had taken a turn towards  united AP (samaikhyandhra) at the time of state division. Such a person not being invited to Amaravathi foundation ceremony is shocking! Some criticize JP as TDP agent. What do such people say now?

Note: Do not call korada.com as media that supports Lok Satta just because this post has been put up. Also read the post in which we mentioned that Chandrababu is correct, and Pawan Kalyan and JP are not, regarding Amaravathi.



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