07/13/15 5:19 AM

Will Amit Shah Target AP CM Chandrababu Naidu?


Are relations between TDP and BJP that associated for previous elections weakening day-by-day? Is BJP acting oversmart though Chandrababu is supportive? Is BJP making plans to grow on its own from now itself? Is Amit Shah making plans and targeting AP CM Chandrababu Naidu? ‘YES!’, say political critics.

The comments being made by senior leaders in BJP (considering his seniority in Congress party), Kavuri and Kanna on TDP leaders is an example, say critics. Kavuri Samba Siva Rao recently said that not taking action against TDP leader Chintamaneni Prabhakar Chowdary who attacked Tahshildar in sand reach will be defaming not only TDP but also BJP. Experienced leader Kavuri might have demanded action against MLA of supportive party after giving it a lot of thought.




Kanna Lakshminarayana surprisingly spoke about corruption. Public have not forgotten that Kanna was one of the important person in YS cabinet during corrupt governance. But, he also spoke about corruption. He alleged about corruption in Pushkarams and said that his party’s Devadaya Sakha minister Manikyala Rao is not being given any importance. However, TDP MLA Gorantla denied these comments.

Noticing the behavior of BJP leaders and their continued comments on TDP leaders, it is observed that BJP has sketched a new plan. The party is trying to take advantage of enemity that would be developed towards government.

People of AP are dissatisfied with BJP as the party provided no clarity in matters like special status for AP, Polavaram, AP state capital, tax waiver etc. In case BJP contests on its own, it will not get back its deposits in many places. BJP making plans to grow independently based on votes from Kapu community, Modi’s image and four fickle minds is just greediness.



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