04/28/15 9:48 AM

Will Potatoes Unite those 2 Parties?!


BJP which has won in the center with immense majority has not enough strength in Rajya Sabha. That is the reason for the party being put in a hard day in passing some crucial bills. Especially in passing Land-Acquisition Bill, BJP has been seeing stars. Also none of the parties seem to be supportive to BJP in the matter.  In this context, the potato export issue in West Bengal will soon turn a boon to BJP. As the yield of potatoes in West Bengal rose in this season, price of 1 kilogram of potatoes has gone down to Rs. 3 due to lack of sufficient consumers. Bengal farmers are perplexed with it. Thinking of a way to sell heaps of potatoes has been a hard nut to crack for Mamata Banerjee’s government. Mamata has finally decided to write to central government describing the issue, seeking solution. She requested that potatoes be bought from West Bengal and supplied to all other states and also the vegetable be made use of in Food Security scheme. Mamata is trying to resolve the potato issue soon because assembly elections are nearing. Taking this as an opportunity, the BJP is said to have proposed deal before Mamata saying that if West Bengal supports land-acquisition law, they will favor the state by approving her request. If Mamata agrees to it, BJP will get some support in Rajya Sabha, peasants of Bengal will be relieved to certain extent. However, we have to wait to see what Mamata decides to do.

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