10/17/15 4:23 PM

Will Rajamouli Make Baahubali-3?




While wait for Baahubali-2 continues, speculations over Baahubali-3 are also observed. How authentic are these speculations? Will Rajamouli really direct Baahubali-3? No? Let us evaluate..

Possibilities for Baahubali-3

1.If they want to make more money out of the craze Baahubali has got, Baahubali-3 can be made.

2.Based on negative feedback and suggestions given on watching baahubali, director Rajamouli reportedly made some changes to remaining script. If story after modification is lengthy enough, Baahubali-3 can also be directed.

Possibilities for NO Baahubali-3

1.Heroes and producers have queued up for Rajamouli. The star director already allotted 3 years of his career to Baahubali. Baahubali-2 takes one more year. If 3rd part also has to be directed, it takes another 3 years. But Rajamouli does not have that much time. This is the first point.

2.Prabhas also has call-sheets issue. He has already committed to do a film with Run Raja Run fame director Sujeeth under UV Creations production. It is not easy for Prabhas to spend another three years for Baahubali series.

3.Production house of Baahubali, Arka Media is occupied planning games, comic books, TV series involving Baahubali characters, say sources. Rajamouli might also have to spend time on them. So, he will try to complete the film ASAP.

4.If Baahubali-3 is to be directed, Rajamouli should have 6 years spent on a single project. This long time could be boring for Rajamouli.

5.Rajamouli posted a picture on Facebook on 13th October in which they were observing land in Ramoji Film City for shoot. E=In that post, the director mentioned Baahubali Conclusion but not Baahubali-2. This means that Rajamouli might not have decided to make Baahubali-3.

Finally, since Rajamouli does not make films to make money, he will not make Baahubali-3 for the purpose. If writer Vijayendra Prasad gives a nice twist while narrating story for part-2, there is possibility for Rajamouli to direct Baahubali part-3. We have to wait a few more months to know whether Rajamouli concludes Baahubali with part-2 or part-3.



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