01/11/16 2:43 PM

Will Seemandhra Teach a Lesson to BJP?



The Seemandhra voters in Greater Hyderabad have got the opportunity of teaching a lesson to BJP which has been showing bare hands to Andhra Pradesh and not co-operating for the development of the state. Will the Seemandhra voters beat BJP and pay their motherland what they owe?

Will the voters who hail from Andhra cast their votes to the BJP functionaries, under the leadership of Kishan Reddy who did not even bother to utter a word for the benefit of Seemandhra, when was the chief of BJP in united AP?

The Navyandhra Telugu people have shown their power in washing out Congress party that caused irreparable damage to Andhra Pradesh. Will they do it in case of BJP that is doing exactly the same thing?

This is the topic under discussion in political circles. Let us see what injustice BJP has done to AP.

While the Congress party totally shattered people of AP and Rayalaseema by dividing the erstwhile state hastily, the BJP that promised aid to has betrayed the state. Modi & co. have been playing dramas, without fulfilling any of the election promises. It has been 20 months since Modi and BJP came into power but there was no single instance of trying to benefit Seemandhra. Apart from entrusting Polavaram to AP, BJP government has done nothing to the state.

The government that has responsibility of completing Polavaram project is delaying the release of necessary funds for completion of project.

BJP has released too high funds of Rs.350 crores to AP and Rayalaseema in the name of package.

The central government that is supposed to cover the revenue deficit of the state is treating CM Chandrababu as a beggar, making him circle Delhi numerous times for releasing funds.

The center has totally forgotten the ‘Visakha Railway Zone’.

The center is abandoning the Telugu Talli without implementing tax waiver and without promoting industrial growth due to fear of Tamil Nadu ‘Amma’.

Modi, who promised building for AP state capital that will outweigh Delhi, brought soil and water from Delhi during foundation laying ceremony of Amaravathi, has beat the dust and left.

The central government is totally inclined towards Telangana in the distribution of assets and debts between AP and Telangana after bifurcation.

In the matter of localism that resulted in bottleneck situation in relocation of Andhra based employees to AP, the central home ministry is wasting time with unwanted queries.

The BJP is playing games with AP without granting the promised special status to the state.

Will the Seemandhra voters cast vote to BJP that is troubling their state in these many ways? Or will they dismiss the party without voting for it? Will they teach a lesson to BJP? We have wait till the counting of votes of Greater Hyderabad elections ie., till February 5th to know what the Seemandhra voters decide and do.



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