07/16/15 7:51 AM

Will You Leave Congress?; Rahul Questions Janareddy




The current hot topic in Telangana Congress is that AICC chief Rahul Gandhi shot a straight question to senior leader Janareddy. ‘Will you be with Congress or leave the party?’. Janareddy panicked and said that there is no such idea and will remain with Congress party, say sources. Congress party leaders met Rahul Gandhi in Delhi recently. Congress party’s status in the state was discussed and Rahul reportedly expressed displeasure saying he does not know who to trust when trusty leaders like DS are leaving the party. He questioned why Congress leaders are not considering it a serious matter when senior leaders themselves are quitting the party. PCC chief Uttam Kumar Reddy ans Shabbir Ali reportedly intervened and mentioned that quitting of DS from the party does not affect Congress in any manner and also many other leaders are happy about it.



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