03/17/16 2:14 PM

Woman Brutally Murders Her own Children


A woman is the person who loves her children more than anything in the world. A mother could not see her children suffer even slight pain. But here is a woman who brutally put an end to the lives of her own children. She slit their throats with a beer bottle piece and forced cloth in their mouths. This horrendous incident took place in Maredpally Teachers Colony in Secunderabad.

Rajani went into a room along with her two daughters Ashwika (7) and Tanishqa (5) into a room on the pretext of teaching them lessons. She then put cloth in their mouths and cut their throats with a piece of beer bottle and killed them both. After this, Rajani decided to commit suicide and left for Tank Bund. As she was preparing to do the act, police took her into custody and the woman agreed to have committed the crime.

What made the woman turn a monster and kill her own children? The incident came as a shocker to police as well as neighbors of Rajani. The investigation done by police yielded awful results. The couple Rajani, Vinay has been residing in Teachers Colony. Vinay ‘s mother and sister also stayed along with them in the house. The couple has been having differences over family issues and they were arguing with each other since a few days. Along with this, Rajani was suspicious over husband Vinay. She told police that her husband was sexually abusing their children and that she killed them with her on hands as she was unable to tolerate it. On the other hand, Vinay ‘s family members stated that Rajani ‘s mental state is not stable and hence she did so.

Based on Rajani ‘s complaint, Thukaram gate police took Vinay into custody and are trying to extract truth from him. According to details revealed by police, Rajani ‘s elder daughter was afraid of Vinay. When Rajani asked Vinay about the same, he never responded to her and that was the reason behind the woman’s suspicion over her husband. So, she killed the children, they said. Whatever the reason is and whoever the guilty is, what crime had the children done? Is it correct to kill innocent children? How could a woman reflect on her children the anger she has over her husband? How could she the children whom she gave birth to? How should the mother who ruthlessly put an end to two innocent lives be punished?!



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