05/18/15 6:19 AM

Woman Castrates her Illegal Partner


A woman castrated a man in Bihar for pressurizing her to continue the illegal affair that existed between the two in past. The man who was severely injured in the hysterical act is under critical condition in hospital. Going into detail…




In Gopal Ganj village near Patna, a woman named Parvathi Devi and a 26 year old Ashok indulged in extra-marrital affair in the past. Parvathi was a mother of three by that time. When the wrongful relationship was noticed by people in their village, Ashok absconded from the place. He later returned to the village and asked Parvathi to continue the illegal affair. When she refused to do so, Ashok started to pressurize her. Parvathi who was vexed with him cut his genitals off. Neighbors also reportedly co-operated with her in doing so. The man who was badly injured in the act was admitted to hospital and his condition is critical. Since all the family members of the injured are at hospital, no one has filed a complaint, say sources.


extra marital-affair


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