09/22/15 11:19 AM

Woman Conceives 85 Times in 6 Months


Wondering how a woman could conceive 85 times and that too in a period of 6 months? A nurse generated fake pregnancies to avail Rs.500 cash provided by Government for proper nutrition of mother and child. This shocking incident came into light in Kareemganj district of Assam. A nurse named Lilly Begum Lashker faked 85 pregnancies and availed Rs.40 thousand altogether.




Assam government is providing Rs.500 in various health centers to ensure safe health of mothers and their children. Lashker who is a nurse in a health center in Kareemganj that is 350 km away from Assam’s capital Guwhati has totally overutilized this facility. She generated 160 fake pregnancies at the health center she was working in, of which she recreated that 85 were of her own. This story came into light when officials were informed by one of the hospital staff without her knowledge. They checked the records and clarified that the nurse had faked too many pregnancies.

As Lashker was the in charge of distributing cash to pregnant women, officials said that she committed to the fraud. She has been suspended from duty after the issue came into light. Lashker, instead of apologizing for the fraud, said shockingly when she spoke before media that nurses have so many tensions and she had done so to overcome stress.



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