07/31/15 7:08 AM

Woman Gives Birth to Baby Snake!


A shocking incident in which a woman gave birth to a snake took place in Kolanguda of Kerameri village in Adilabad. Locals say that… a woman named Kavithabhai gave birth to a little snake. She delivered at home without suffering any pains, said her family members. As a baby snake was born, they killed it immediately and buried as per their tradition. Though the incident took place 6 days ago, locals who believed that it is unlucky for their village did not leak the matter.




As some doctors spoke about the incident, they said that the villagers might have mistaken the baby to a snake since the foetus would be under-developed as the woman delivered in sixth month itself. The foetus might have resembled a snake and being villagers, they would have thought it was a baby snake, experts say.



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