07/25/15 9:41 AM

Woman Injured in Chain Snatcher’s Attack Dies

chain snatchers

chain snatchers


A woman named Sunitha who was injured during attack by chain snatcher died today. Sunita who was a resident of Barkatpura went to a relative’s house on 17th of this month along with her son by a scooter. When they were returning home, a person snatched her gold chain weighing 3 tolas and ran away. The woman then fell from the vehicle and suffered severe injuries. She was admitted to hospital for treatment. Sunitha died today while being treated in hospital. Her family is saddened by the death of Sunitha. They demanded that the chain snatcher responsible for her death shold be severely punished. DCP Ravinder said that they are trying to trace the criminal based on CCTV footage. Three soecial teams have also been arranged, he said.



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